Sunday, 6 March 2016

Kauri 89's Newspaper Tower Challenge

Our challenge was to design and construct a model tower out of newspaper. We had to build a tower with height and stability. Our tower needed to be able to withstand a wind force.
We were given newspaper, tape and scissors to build our tower in groups of 3. Our group had to be a mix of ages and genders.
We googled images of towers to decide what was the best shape. We were allowed one device per group.

Testing: We measured and recorded the height of the final tower on the whiteboard with our group names.  We stepped away from the tower so it was at arm’s length and blew out a full breath to simulate a hurricane. 

Our Success criteria
Tower is stable - will not topple over when blown on (not held).  
The tower is free standing - not secured to a table, floor, furniture or the wall.
The tower is tall.
The tower looks like your chosen google picture.
Key Competencies - Relating to Others, Participating & Contributing and Thinking.

We got an i-pad and took a photo with our group in the photo of our tower. 
These are our some of our results! 

This was not an easy task, people had to show perseverance as well as listen to each other so that they could work as a team.

Jack, Kady and Leo
Charlotte, Declan and Henrietta

Christina, Jayden & Brad
Blake, Logan & Livy


  1. What an awesome challenge for you all kauri 89! I can see the amount of teamwork and technological thinking you put into the challenge was huge. Kia pai ō mahi! You are growing those learning muscles in your brain.