Sunday, 28 February 2016

Kauri 89 Camp Omatua

Kauri 89 have had the most amazing time at Camp Omatua last week (Feb 22 - 24).  We had parents who were so helpful and looked after our children in a caring and kind manner.  A BIG thank you to Bevan Kyle, Phil Nicholson, Catherine McGrath, Linda Wallace, Paul Langford, Kelly Hetterley, Murray Orr, Adelle Morton, Stacey Craft, Kylie Miller, Mike Kendall, Jae Davies and Tam Macken.

We had loads of fun completing the technology challenges on the Monday: Triangle house, build a bivouac, making a pikau back pack, jump rope challenge and a lost in the bush activity.  Our Campfire kai was delicious and well worth the organised chaos of everyone preparing food in the dining room at once - Omatua stew, potato, damper and for dessert we had an orange muffin or a banana boat which were delicious! 

The next day we made vehicles for our drive in movie in the evening, this was a really busy time with children creating some wonderful cars in a variety of categories such as commercial, bling (pimp my car), futuristic and vintage with all vehicles needing comfort as a number one priority!

The children also went bush bashing and learnt some river safety techniques when crossing a river.  All of these activities usually ended in some glorious swim time in the river with the tubes and kayaks.

It was time for the clean up on Wednesday so that Kauri 1211 could enjoy Omatua.   Kauri 89 spent some time at the Puketapu Domain and finished with a well earned swim and BBQ at the Onekawa pools.  It was delightful to watch different friendships develop over the three days, Kauri 89 connected with each other, were creative and colloborative and embraced the opportunities to take risk and show confidence.


  1. wow!!!!! looks like rms 8 and 9 had lots of fun

  2. As Papyrus would say, WOWIE Humans. This is amazing! I wish I could go on more adventures like this in the future! Love the colleges too. NYEH HEH HEH! - Papyrus.
    But seriously. Its good AND it looked fun.

  3. Wow!Hope 89 had some fun!!!

  4. that's a clever gingerbread man

  5. star: I like how you have made the photos into shapes
    Star: Your have lots of cool photos
    Wish: I don't think you need a wish

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  7. Well done Room 8 and 9. Looks like you had a lot of fun at Camp Omatua

  8. I am happy you had a great time and so did room 1211 it was so fun hears what I think
    star:I really liked the getloupe pics like the car the fish and all the other pics they are cool.
    star:I liked the little story about the camp fun that you had and that you mentioned the parents names in it they probably will appreciate that
    wish:Have none sorry :( :)

  9. I really like it how you described your time at camp. Those pictures are very good and the shapes are very good with the shapes. By jaedyon